Spring photos

Playground, dining out, visitors, bathtime & paddling

With the advent of spring weather comes Mummy’s opportunity to dress the girls up in pretty clothes, which Ilse then does her best to cover in water, milk, sand, paint or food. Edie is prim and proper by comparison.

We all enjoy going out to eat on the weekends, the girls now happily trying most things and insisting on feeding and drinking by themselves.

We had Popo and Kong Kong up for a visit in May, and Popo stayed on for a longer visit while Mummy was away. Auntie Anne Smart is here now for the month of June for a good long China visit. The girls really enjoy our family visitors.

The plum rains have come now so the weather is a little cooler. When they dry up, the weather will get much hotter and more humid and the swimming pool will play a larger role in our daily lives!

Here are the best of the photos in May and June. We’ve got lots of trampoline action, lunchtime clowning, cat-stalking, Edie having her hair done, Ilse painting her face with chocolate sauce and paint, spring dress fashion shoots in the meadow, and playing in Kai & Keegan’s paddling pool.

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