Our US family holiday [1]

3 weeks in the US

Our trip to the US went very well, considering it was our first with toddlers, a 22-hr journey and a total reversal of day and night 12 hour time difference. With that success under our belts, I’m planning a family assault on Everest summit.

The girls were really very good throughout and took about 4-5 days to get adjusted. We stayed in CT for the first 10 days to see the Richmonds and Mum & Dad Mencher. The girls loved seeing their cousins – Edie especially got on with Zachary and broke into a big smile whenever his name was mentioned for ages afterwards.

We relaxed a lot and saw virtually no one except family. There was a fun day trip to Stockbridge to see Aunt Rosa and Uncle Aaron, but besides visits to the Richmond house, blueberry picking, a town fair in Ridgefield and a regular sampling of local eateries, we stayed put.

I made my pilot’s licence current and got a few hours of flying in a Cessna over southeastern CT and NY state. Very pretty and much more varied than the midwest. Mum Mencher even came along for a ride and enjoyed it (see photo proof)!

We spent 10 days in CT and then flew over to Malibu to see the Isles. It was a daily routine of swimming pool, giant bubbles on the lawn, running around the tennis court, exploring the cactus farm next door, visiting the chicken coop and bouncing on the trampoline. Hard to get bored, that’s for sure.

Nic and Julie, Ethan and Geoffrey came over from Pasadena for an afternoon and the boys had a great time with Alex and Gabriel in the pool (most of that caught on video, perhaps to be published another time). It was great seeing them and catching up.

We enjoyed seeing Aunty Pammy who came down for a quick visit from Santa Cruz.

Here are the best of the photos:

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