Dr Alan G Mencher

17 May 1925 – 12 Feb 2020

Click above to watch the memorial service. Press ‘f’ for full-screen viewing. (Audio-only after 60 minutes due to video fault)

You can read Dad’s obituary here or where Ridgefield Press published it here.

The full text of Justin’s eulogy is here and Rosa’s eulogy here.

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1 thought on “Dr Alan G Mencher”

  1. Thankyou Justin for posting the service and giving us the chance to hear and read the wonderful messages.
    I have so many memories of Alan, I hope you don’t mind if I share a few:
    Alan and Eve would drive down from London to take me out for the day from my boarding school in the depths of the Surrey countryside, which in the early ’70s was a culinary desert. Significant time invested in looking for an adequate restaurant was amply rewarded by the most amazing food I had ever come across. Then it was back to school where a gaggle of boys were waiting (we were always late back) having heard the rumour that I had been driven off in the back of a black Mercedes.
    Once I’d left school we were visited in our (UK) Hampshire home when we were about to move house. A discussion on removal vehicle options was brought to a screeching halt when Alan suggested we hire a trailer from U-Haul. “What?! You don’t have U-Hall here? Oh Boy! This is such a backward country!”
    Much later, I was painting the Kellogg Drive house and Alan suffered a dose of shingles, which I gather is a very painful condition. Eve was out for the evening but despite my protests that he should be in bed looking after himself, Alan explained that he was not in the infectious stage of the condition, and insisted that I had been working all day so he should be looking after me. We had steak, cooked to perfection, and not one single word or gesture to betray that he was suffering discomfort.
    A real gentleman – I’ll always remember him as such.
    Love to all
    Nick, Niamh and Oisin Grace, London

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