Buying 10,000 separate items [2]

This day, we have purchased more things than we have bought, ever. They are fabric, plastic, whimsical, mechanical, cosy, cotton, electrical, sanitary, anti-odour, mobile, spacious, compact, moist, drying, comfortable, comforting, reassuring, practical, convenient, sturdy, cleansing and disposable. All baby-related.

Here’s a picture of wifey unloading the car (heavy lifting is good for pregnant women) and showing off one of the acquisitions.

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1. How many babies are there?
We’re expecting twin girls, Edith Xiu (“siu”) Ling and Ilse (IL-suh) Wei Ling. We’ll decide which characters to use for their Chinese names with some advice from an expert in Singapore.

2. When are they due?
Technically, they’re due 12th Nov 2009. But twins usually come early and the trick is to keep them in for as long as possible. We hope to meet them in mid-to-late October.

3. How can I make a comment on an article?
Just click on the ‘Comment on this’ link underneath any article and you can leave your message. It may take a while to appear, as all comments are moderated.

4. Why are the photos different sizes?
Because I’m just figuring out how to use this software and I’m slow.

5. How’s Mama doing?
Very well so far. But a bit uncomfortable.